Large Companies

In-house legal support

From time to time, large companies may need legal support for a specific project, limited in time (e.g., temporary replacement of in-house counsel due to pregnancy or illness; day-to-day legal management by a legal interim manager when the in-house counsel has to focus on a time absorbing M&A transaction, etc.).

"JurisNexus may help you to find, or provide you with, a qualified lawyer, as legal interim manager for such projects, without any social security charges for your organization."

Our lawyers have a business, pragmatic, no nonsense approach; some of them have had "in-house" experiences in the past and are selected not only on the basis of their academic background/knowledge, but also on their interpersonal skills.

In-house legal support may be enhanced by outside legal support; the lawyers seconded to your enterprise in the frame of an "in-house legal support" partnership can count on the continuous external support of JurisNexus' team.